.VIP Breaks All Records and Becomes The Fastest Growing gTLDs

From the first sight until now, .VIP domain has become the fastest growing gTLD and been in the top 20 biggest selling gTLDs according to NameStat.org

.VIP domain statistics

.VIP is a Minds + Machines new domain extension which has officially launched on May 17th, 2016. This domain extension has broken all the all New gTLD registration records for domain name registrations in the first 24 hours after launch. It has been the fasted registered new extension since the NEW gTLD program started in January 2014.

You must look at the statistics to see how fast .VIP did go:

Time Number of Domain sold
5 minutes 25,696
15 minutes 45,263
30 minutes 53,941
45 minutes 75,649
60 minutes 89,285
73 minutes 100,000
1 day 167,231
5 days 203,720

In the first 5 minutes, there were 25,969 domains sold.  30 minutes later, the number of domain purchased doubled. Over the very first hours – about 73 minutes mark, .VIP domain reached more than 100,000 orders. After 5 days, on May 22nd, the gTLD racked up 203,720 domains, the company said.

Comparisons to some other “big” TLD launches are interesting. According to “China’s Wikipedia”, Baidu Baike, .WANG’s launch on 30 June 2014 saw 20,000 registrations within the first 48 hours, and 60,000 by August 2014.

Looking at .XYZ (currently #1 with 2.77 million domains) the first day of registrations hit 10,000 and after a month, the TLD had 257,000 domains.

NameStat stats show that registrants from 99 different countries registered a .VIP domains in the first few hours of General Availability, using 59 different registrars around the world. In the first day, in the total of 77 domain name registrars sold .VIP domain names, there were 34 registrars being China-based.

Prices for .VIP domain name starts at $5.69 at AlpNames , it costs $9,99 at GoDaddy, the highest belongs to IWantMyName with $49 on Pre-order.

Minds + Machines’ Chairman Guy Elliott said, “In China, the acronym ‘VIP’ is universally accepted as a Chinese word. It means so much more than ‘very important person’. Contemporary Chinese people view VIP as standing for prestige and honor, and applies to people, places, objects, and experiences.”

By choosing the right target, within only 5 days, Minds + Machines earned $3.2 million. Billings in the whole of 2015 was $7.9 million. That’s how .VIP extension selling! It brings back to Minds + Machines such a huge money bag!

Source: OnlineDomain

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