GoDaddy 99 Cents Domain Coupons Working in August

Have you ever thought to buy a domain name with less than 1 dollar? Today, I will share the collection of $0.99 coupons for .COM domain name. This is the lowest price from GoDaddy.

GoDaddy 0.99 Coupon

GoDaddy is a leading domain registrar in the world. The company is famous for providing high-quality domain & hosting services. Besides, their support team is so nice and helpful whenever you meet an issue. You can get the most competitive price on domain all the time, especially for .COM domain name, from only $0.99.

GoDaddy $0.99 .COM Domain Coupon 2017

These $0.99 coupon codes are only valid for new customers who has never used this kind of coupon before to register a new .COM domains. Some coupon codes can also used to transfer domain from other providers.

(Checked August, 2017)

MMANUTS99 – .COM domain just $0.99 the 1st year, $9.99/2+ years

CJC99ZCOM1 – .COM domain just $0.99 the 1st year, $9.99/2+ years

CJCCOUP99New registration or transfer .COM domain just $0.99

CJCEB99$0.99 price good for the first year of one new or transfer .COM per customer.

CJCRMNCA99 – Get new $0.99 .COM Domain


For $0.99 domain at GoDaddy, not all payment methods valid with this offer, acceptable payments will display in cart at checkout. Credit/Debit/Prepaid Card and Checking Account are acceptable. And some offers just for US. and CA customers.

*Other working $0.99 .COM promo codes

(Checked valid August, 2017)



  • Each coupon code can be used once.
  • Plus ICANN fee of $0.18/per domain/year.
  • Only Credit Card accepted.

GoDaddy $0.99 .COM Coupon by location

These coupons are especially dedicated to customers in specific countries. Please choose your Country/Region to get the promo price.

GoDaddy India Rs 99 Coupon

CJC99R – .COM just Rs 125!

Order Now.IN for only Rs 99

Order Now.CLUB for only Rs 99

Order Now.ONLINE for only Rs 99

GoDaddy UK £0.99 Coupon

CJC99UK1 – SPECIAL OFFER! .COM just £0.99*! Additional .COMs just £6.99* per year!

CJC99UK – SPECIAL OFFER! .COM just  £0.99*

GoDaddy Autralia AU$0.99 Coupon

CJC99AU – .COM just $0.99*! Additional .COMs just $10.99* per year! – For Autralian Only

GoDaddy Brazil R$0.99 Coupon

CJC99BZ – R$6,99* .COM – For Brazilian Only

GoDaddy Canada C$0.99 Coupon

CJC99CA – .COM just C$0.99*! Additional .COMs just C$10.99* per year! – For Canadan Only

***Please leave a comment below if any of them expired.

Besides GoDaddy, there’re some other providers have the same cheap price on domain names like BigRock,, Rebel… Let’s check out to get more selections.

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  • i think you can take down the bigrock specials. the following is a rating of my chat experience after i cancelled furthering it when the other side was “gone” for over seven (7) minutes. prior to that the longest interval was “only” six (6) minutes. in fact, i typed c. ten (10) lines over 30 minutes before i gave up. further, three (3) of those lines were merely asking what time it was at their end.

    “I was chatting since the specials on your site landing page produced a coupon in the cart that claimed it could not be applied to .biz and .asia tld’s. however, I was starting with a .com and would have moved on to .net and four other tld’s.

    “‘Krutika T’ suggested that the proper solution to the unworkable specials (for .com and .net) was to accept a ‘5% discount’ which would have amounted to 47INR versus the “specials” savings of 790INR.

    “if the reader does not find it insulting that 47 is as good as 790, than I am speechless. otherwise, it seems your webmaster needs a good talking-to in order to rectify your web site’s defects.”

    around six (6) years ago i had some IN clients’ domains with bigrock and had to pull them when they could not fix their payment gateway for over a week and none of amex, visa, and mc were working and i could not renew any domains. this is before they managed to con paypal into servicing them (probably because of the godaddy lash-up). one of the clients is a major IN newspaper and — at first — they thought what i was doing was almost anathema … until i sent them over a dozen emails between bigrock and myself trying to get them to resolve the gateway problems.

    anyway, you should be very wary of sending anyone to bigrock. it is really pointless since godaddy IN parallels the specials and you do not have the bigrock hassles.

    • Yes, I had one time on their live chat too. Was very slow and I could not get enough what I want.
      So I decided to move on to GoDaddy. Higher price but nice support

    • The same w me when chatting with BR’s supporter: Krutika T. Took long time to have the reply and not I thought she/he didn’t get the customer’s idea =_=

    • I absolutely agree with you, besides those attractive deals, the support was very bad.
      For a small question, she replied me really slow, took few minutes to get a line chat from her and not focus the right point.
      One more thing made me disappointed is that after the chat, she didn’t say anything to close or say goodbye. After a long wait, I closed it myself.

    • yeah… bigrock isn’t good for a majority of us here. I did try using a indian vpn to get the deal. I did register about 1000 domains but shortly after the order was canceled and refunded.

      But foreign registars are a great source of cheap tld prices. I am not sure if this resource monitors them.

    • 99cent coupon is only valid for new customers(are you a new one?) and GoDaddy accepts Credit Card only with this low price order. Let try to pay again if you have one of these Master/Visa/American Express Cards.

  • There was a problem processing your transaction. Please verify your payment information or use an alternate form of payment.

  • We can only offer such great promotions by limiting them to one per customer. It looks as if you’ve already used this type of promotion.

    Thats the message I get

  • No I never used the code before. I was reading somewhere else that other people are experiencing this same problem.

  • I have tried several coupons to register a new domain yet the feedback is that I have already used that offer but I haven’t used any.

  • Hey sambeu,
    Definitely helpful post. I already use it and Yes, I had one time on their live chat too. Was very slow and I couldn’t get enough what I would like. So I determined to maneuver on to GoDaddy. Higher price however nice support.

    • All acceptable payment methods will be displayed in your cart at checkout, I’m not sure if PayPal is one of them. But Visa/Master card is accepted.

  • .com ransfer

    We can only offer such great promotions by limiting them to one per customer.

    It looks as if you’ve already used this type of promotion. We’ve updated your cart with the next-best promotion, if one is availab

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