Setup Your Custom Domain on Blogspot (Blogger) with Godaddy

GoDaddy is one of the most famous domain providers in the world. They always offer really helpful coupon codes which help to buy domain from only 81 or 99 cents. Besides a good first meet up, GoDaddy has a very nice support team and easy to use control panel.

Mapping GoDaddy Domain to Work with Blogger

For you, all the beginners, I believe that starting a website with Blogspot is much easier than do it on your own. But, instead of using the free domain name (like, a custom domain ( sounds more professional.

In this post, I will show you 3 simple steps to map your GoDaddy domain to work with Blogger

  • Edit Blogger Address
  • Set Your CNAME and A Records
  • Connect your domain to Blogspot

I. Edit Blogger Address

Go to Your Blogger Account, on the Basic Setting section, click + Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog to edit Blogger Address

Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog

Fill in you custom domain name address in the + Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog box.

Edit Blog Address

Click Save, you’ll see the note that guides you what should be set on your domain registrar’s website. Name, Label, or Host field  and Destination, Target, or Points To field are important details, you need them to set up in the next step.

Record 7ioaldshtvi7 points to – this CNAME is unique and specific for each domain name.

Open a new tab and come to the 2nd step with me!

II. Set Your CNAME and A Records

– Access to and log into your account.

– In My Account page, press Manage next to DOMAINS.

Manage domain

– Choose the domain you want to work with your Blogger.

In Domain Details let check out your domain Nameservers.

  • If your domain is located in GoDaddy’s default Nameserver, click to DNS ZONE FILE to continue setting.


  • Otherwise, if your domain is located on other Nameservers, change it to GoDaddy’s default Nameserver by clicking Manage, tick on Standard and Save.

Change into GoDaddy Nameserver

– In DNS ZONE FILE, edit 2 parts

1. Edit CNAME www point to and Add Record 7ioaldshtvi7 points to

After Finish, the result will be seen as below

Edit GoDaddy CNAME

2. Delete current A records, then add 4 @ records with IPs


Edit GoDaddy A records

Those @ records will help domain automatically redirect from non-www to www.

Press Save changes.

DONE for the 2nd step!

III. Connect your domain to Blogspot

It will take about few minutes to update the records. After that, come back to the Blogger tab before, press Save again.

New domain

To auto redirect non-www domain to www domain, click Edit on the right side. Tick Redirect to

Auto redirect

Are you DONE! That’s all, we made it in very easy way, right?

Hope you successful!

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