Get Cheap SSL Certificate – Just $2.87/year at Namecheap


Normally, Comodo PositiveSSL will take you $9/year. This amount is much higher than the money to buy a domain. But, wait! I’ve got a tip on it, just take only $3.05 $2.87/year.

In order to boost sales of SSL Certificates, Namecheap offers a special discount: purchase the certificate with one another product/service, it will cost $1.99/year only. So…make a guess, what now???

At the moment, many kinds of domain extensions are on crazy sale, just $0.88/year. If you buy one of these 88 cents domains with SSL certificate, you will have to pay about $3.05/year for all (include $0.18 ICANN fee). But today, as I myself registered a new .INFO domain here, the ICANN fee was $0.00, so I did pay only $2.87 for my domain and PositiveSSL also.

Register Namecheap PositiveSSL for only $2.87

– Visit NameCheap, register a .INFO domain.

– Go to your Cart, scroll down the page, you will see the promotion info, click the button “+”.

– After adding, let see. Now you get a .INFO domain, a one-year free WhoisGuard, and a PositiveSSL Certificate for only $2.87.

Finally, just confirm your order, make payment. Then set up SSL for your custom domain and enjoy the secure certificate.

Hope you succeed!

Update January 11, 2017: With .INFO domain name, you can buy PositiveSSL with the lowest price at Namecheap.

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