Happy BirthDay Linode, Free RAM Upgrades for All Customers

Celebrating the 13th birthday, Linode decided to double RAM for both new and existing customers with no addition fee.

Linode double RAM Birthday

According to a study by CloudHarmony, Linode is the 4th largest cloud provider to the top 10,000 Alexa websites, following only Amazon, Rackspace, and IBM. Until now, the company has more than 100 employees, over half a million customers and launched nearly 12 million Linode servers.

If you are one of Linode’s customers, I think you will have the same feeling with me. Such a high-quality services, I mean both their Hosting/Servers and support. There’s only one point that makes me a little bit reluctant is that they don’t accept Paypal 🙁

Come back to the 13th birthday celebration, for all of you, existing customers, Linode will give you a free RAM upgrade in just one click.

Press button below to go to Linode and say Happy B-Day

Double your RAM with no additional fee

***Click the upgrade banner at the top of your Linode’s dashboard ,your free RAM will be automatically added.

Linode Plans’ Features and Price

Old Plan New Plan Price
Linode 1 GB -> Linode 2 GB $10/mo ($0.015/hr)
Linode 2 GB -> Linode 4 GB $20/mo ($0.03/hr)
Linode 4 GB -> Linode 8 GB $40/mo ($0.06/hr)
Linode 8 GB -> Linode 12 GB $80/mo ($0.12/hr)
Linode 16 GB -> Linode 24 GB $160/mo ($0.24/hr)
Linode 32 GB -> Linode 48 GB $320/mo ($0.48/hr)
Linode 48 GB -> Linode 64 GB $480/mo ($0.72/hr)
Linode 64 GB -> Linode 80 GB $640/mo ($0.96/hr)
Linode 96 GB -> Linode 120 GB $960/mo ($1.44/hr)

If you have never tried Linode before, do not miss this huge chance plus with the $20 free credit code, you’ll not be regretful. I promise 😀

– This upgrade is available only for KVM Linodes. Legacy Xen Linodes will have to first upgrade to KVM before being able to take advantage of the RAM upgrade.

– The upgrade is not available for Tokyo datacenter.

Hope you’ll have a nice day!

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