Domain Privacy for FREE – Where Should I Go?

Nowadays, more and more people concern about domain privacy service before making the decision where to buy the domain names.

Using domain privacy service can help to avoid spam, keep your own personal information far from bad guys. In this post, I’m going to list some of the favorite names giving high-quality services with free domain privacy in order to help you make the decision easier.

Register Domain Name With FREE Domain Privacy

1. Porkbun

The 1st name called on the list I think it’s Porkbun.

Not as popular as the other domain providers but Porkbun brought me many good feeling from the very first time I knew it. Domain name prices (new registration/renew/transfer) are kind of cheap. Plus, you will get FREE domain privacy for life when staying here.

Porkbun does not spend a lot of money on marketing or design so that its interface looks not very attractive. But, from the other side, I can see that the company provides all the necessary and some special functions for you to manage your domains. Namely:

  • Domain Forward
  • SSL service for FREE
  • Email Forwarding
  • Two-Factor Authentication

Moreover, the support team is so nice, quick and helpful.

.COM and .NET domain prices at Porkbun

Domain New registration/renew/transfer
.COM $8.84
.NET $9.78

>> Click to visit Porkbun.

2. Namesilo

If you’re finding somewhere that protect your profile FREE, it should be Namesilo.

Namesilo is one of the most famous domain providers in the world which gives whois privacy for FREE and a very affordable renewal prices. Besides, if you join the NameSilo Discount Program, a little more money can be saved.

Namesilo also gives us powerful domain management tools like:

  • One-click Integration with Popular Services
  • Sub-User Accounts
  • Secure API
  • Two-Factor Authentication

I kept all of the main domains at this provider and don’t ever think about transferring out someday.

.COM and .NET domain prices at Namesilo

Domain Regular new registration/renew Pre-fund new registration/renew
.COM $8.99 $8.89
.NET $11.79 $11.69

>> Click to visit Namesilo.

3. Uniregistry

Uniregistry is a large retail domain name registrar and web services provider; as well as a domain name registry that administers the generic top-level domains .HOSTING, .SEXY, .AUDIO, .AUTO, .CAR, .DIET… All the domain name at Uniregistry are also supported FREE privacy lifetime.

Same like the two above providers, I think you can easy to manage your domain name here. In addition with some basic functions, Uniregistry also supports URL Forwarding, DNS Templates, Two Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator or phone number.

.COM and .NET domain prices at Uniregistry

Domain New registration Renew
.COM $10.88 $10.88
.NET $14.88 $14.88

>> Click to visit Uniregistry.

4. is one of the oldest domain providers which was founded in 2003.

Normally, Privacy Protection service at costs $3.99/year/domain. But when you use the promo code in this post, you can get it for FREE. domain prices are higher than Porkbun, Namesilo or Uniregistry but the company also has a monthly coupon code which can help to save money. This month code is OMELET.

Manage domains at is quite simple. You don’t need to worry about it. The payment process is clear and quick also.

.COM and .NET domain prices at

Domain New registration/Renew
.COM $12.99
.NET $14.99

>> Click to visit

5. Namecheap

Namecheap will support you FREE WhoisGuard 1st year of domain registrations only. But don’t be upset, the renewal price is very cheap – only $0.99/year.

Not having many super discount program but Namecheap’s domain prices are so good for you to stay long. With an easy-to-manage control panel, affordable price rate, Namecheap is worth being in your choice list.

.COM and .NET domain prices at Namecheap

Domain New registration/Renew
.COM $10.98
.NET $12.98

>> Click to visit Namecheap.

6. NameBright

NameBright gives you FREE domain privacy service for the 1st year of your domain registrations. The next year, besides domain price, this service will be renewed at $2.95/year.

Both new domain registration and renewal prices at NameBright are affordable, even cheaper if you pre-fund your NameBright’s account. Cheaper than Namesilo’s prices.

Not only have all needed domain management functions, NameBright also provides some helpful things for domain investor:

  • Free Domain/URL Forwarding
  • Free Email Forwarding
  • Linked Account
  • Detailed Domain History
  • Two-Factor Authentication

.COM and .NET domain prices at NameBright

Domain Regular new registration/renew Pre-fund new registration/renew
.COM $8.53 $8.03
.NET $10.50 $9.95

>> Click to visit NameBright.

Hope the post can help you to save time when you’re confusing about domain providers.

Have a nice week!

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