Try Amazon Drive Free for the First 3 Months, Unlimited Secure Storage

Have you heard about Amazon Drive? This is one of the best solutions to backup data you should try. This provider offers an unlimited everything package with $4.99 a month only. But, before paying any penny, let take a 3-month tour at Amazon Drive for free.

Amazon Drive Online Storage Solution

When making a small comparison between Amazon Drive and its own rivals: Google Drive or One Drive I saw some outstanding features. The 2 competitors, they do not support any unlimited plan, provide higher prices. These things are now solved at Amazone Drive. You will have the right to take your best suitable unlimited packages:

Packages Description Price
Unlimited Photos Unlimited photo storage, plus 5 GB for videos and files $11.99/yr
Unlimited Everything Securely store all of your photos, videos, files and documents $59.99/yr

Amazon Drive provides desktop apps for Mac and Windows computers, plus mobile apps for Android and iOS, then you only have to save it once and then, you can find it everywhere. Managing all your files becomes easier than ever with such a reliable price. So, do you want to get to know Amazon Drive?

>> Click here, create an account and start your 3-month free trial.

Enjoy and give us some more reviews of your own!

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